LibGuides v1 to v2 Migration Questions

In addition to the FAQs below, we have documentation on migration and using the v2 system, including training sessions:

Access requires a LibApps account. Use the same login you'd use for your LibGuides v2 site.

Why is my v2 site on a temporary domain?

Ultimately your v2 site will have the same URL as your v1 site, but since your v1 site is still using that URL, we need somewhere for you to access your v2 site until you go live with it. On your go live date, your v1 URL is transferred to your v2 site.

What is a Migration Manager?

The Migration Manager is the account that requested the site / with access to pre-migrate some data and review some reports. This user has the first account in the v2 system.

How did I become the Migration Manager without actually requesting a v2 site?

Some of you may not yet have requested a v2 site, so we created one on your behalf as part of this process. Our migration / go live processes require a user in the system be associated with the move. So in these cases where a site hadn't been requested yet, we selected the oldest existing Admin level account in the system for the role of Migration Manager.

How do I log in?

Initially, only the Migration Manager has an account in the system. Once others have an account, they'll follow this same process:

  • Go to your v2 site using the link in the email you were sent.
  • Click the "Login to LibApps" link at the bottom of the page.
  • Login using your v1 username & password.
  • Upon initial login, you'll be prompted to change your password to meet our new requirements in v2.

If you've logged into your v2 site in the past and can't remember your password, use the "Forgot Password?" link on the login page to reset your password.

What about other users in the site?

The Migration Manager can pre-migrate accounts (and some other data) before the full content migration happens, if you wish.

  • Make sure you're logged into your v2 system. Then go log into your v1 system to initiate the pre-migration steps.
  • On your LibGuides v1 Dashboard, click Pre-Migrate Accounts, Databases, Groups, Header/Footer.
  • In the Pre-Migrate Accounts section, click the "Migrate Existing LibGuides Accounts" button.

After that, all users can follow the steps outlined in the previous FAQ to log in.

If you don't go through the pre-migration steps above, the full content migration will migrate all accounts at that point. When migration is complete, other users follow the steps outlined in the previous FAQ to log in.

Does everything migrate from v1 to v2?

Nope, not everything, but most of it! We have a full outline of everything that is / is not migrated in our documentation

Migration Managers also have access to a helpful report listing all of the boxes in your system that will not migrate over to v2 because those content types do not exist / have been replaced with other functionality (e.g., surveys are not migrated because of the new LibWizard product in v2; CMS sites automatically have access to LibWizard Lite - forms and surveys - and will need to recreate suveys in that new software).

  • Log into your v1 LibGuides site.
  • On the Dashboard, click "Learn About v2 / Review v1 Reports".
  • At the bottom of the page, click "Content That Will Not Migrate".

Review that list to see what you'll need to do in your v2 system for each item once your full content migration is complete.

Will migration overwrite the content I've already added to my v2 system?

Nope, migration only adds. It does not remove or update content.

Will my v1 statistics migrate to v2?

Yes! You'll still have access to all v1 statistics in your v2 system.

Will my v2 URL have "beta" in it after going live?

Nope! Your v2 system will have the same URL you're currently using for your v1 system. Part of the go-live process is transferring that URL from v1 to v2.

Will I still have access to my v1 system after going live with v2?

Yes, you'll have access to your v1 system at a different URL (linked from the Migration Manager's v2 Dashboard) through March 2018. If you need to recreate some of the content that didn't migrate, like surveys, you'll have ample time to do so.

I have Springshare apps integrated into EBSCO Discovery Service. Do I need to do anything to update those?

The good folks at EBSCO sent us this info:
If you've enabled Springshare Apps in EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS), those on live, active EDS profiles will be moved over to Version 2 by EBSCO Support automatically. Any instances of Version 1 Apps in testing or non-live profiles will be removed. For any questions regarding LibGuides apps in EDS, please contact EBSCO Technical Support:

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