Using the Auto Scheduler to assign staff to shifts

The Auto Scheduler allows you to quickly fill the shifts in your schedule. Along with just filling shifts it will:

  • Determine the user's availability (including working hours, time off requests, and scheduling conflicts)
  • Avoid scheduling users on holidays (as set up under Admin > Holidays)
  • First try to fill shifts with your favored users
  • Prevent users from exceeding their maximum number of daily, weekly, or monthly hours
  • Prevent users from being assigned to back to back shifts

Auto Scheduling Shifts

  1. Click on Schedules from the command bar.
  2. Select the schedule you want to edit from the Select Schedule dropdown.
  3. Click on the Auto Scheduler button.
  4. Select the date range you want the Auto Scheduler to fill.
  5. Choose your daily scheduling limit. For example, to avoid someone from working more than two shifts a day, select Limit each staff member up to 2 shifts per day.
    • You can choose no limit all the way to limiting eight shifts per day.
  6. Optionally, check the option to run the Auto Scheduler for Favorite Staff only.
  7. Optionally, decide whether you want to prevent a person from being scheduled for back to back shifts.
    1. When you have this selected, you can set the grace period for when their next shift would start in the Allow Grace Period? field.
      • You can add a grace period of 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or 1-3 hours.
      • When determining back-to-back shifts, Auto Scheduler will also check that person's other schedules -- not just the current schedule. That way, if someone has a shift from 10am-11am on Schedule A, they won't be scheduled for the 11am-12pm shift on Schedule B.
  8. Click the Submit button.
  9. Once the Auto Scheduler has finished, you'll see a summary of shifts filled and not filled on a new modal.
  10. ​Click the Close button to continue.

running the auto scheduler part 1

running the auto scheduler part 2

running the auto scheduler part 3

Auto Scheduling Strategies

  • No holds barred! If you don't have any preference for who works which shifts, then just let Auto Scheduler fill every shift on your schedule.
  • Favorites first: You can run Auto Scheduler twice: the first time you can schedule only favored staff only. Then you can run it a second time for everyone else. This can help ensure that your favored staff's maximum hours aren't being eaten up in other shifts.
  • Cherry picking: If there are certain people that you absolutely positively must have working certain shifts, then assign those people manually first. Then, run the Auto Scheduler to fill in everything else.

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