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Adding recurring time off

When a user adds time off to LibStaffer, they're defining specific times when they are unable to work. This is great for blocking out events like birthdays, vacations, appointments, sick time, travel, etc. Depending upon how your admins have set up your LibStaffer system, time off requests may require approval.

When time off is approved, the user will be treated as unavailable during those times. However, that does not automatically remove the person from any currently-assigned shifts. They would still need to give up or swap the shifts (or an admin could manually reassign the shift in the schedule).

Time off can be added in a couple ways:

  • If enabled, staff can add their own time off to LibStaffer.
  • Admins can add time off on behalf of any user.

Adding recurring time off

If a user has regularly occurring time off, such as off-site meetings or appointments, you can use recurring time off instead of adding each event individually.

  1. Under the Time Off tab, click on the  Add Time Off button.
  2. Select Recurring Time Off from the dropdown.

Adding a recurring time off request

  1. If you are a schedule admin, use the Account dropdown to select which user this time off is for. (Your name will be selected by default.) If you are a system admin, you can select multiple users from the Account dropdown to add time off for more than one user at a time. 
    • Don't see this field? Then you're not an admin -- skip to Step 4. :)

The Daily / Weekly recurrence options

  1. Use the Frequency options to choose how often the time off repeats.
    1. Daily / Weekly: this allows you to set up repeating time off one or more days a week at different intervals.
      • Use the checkboxes to select each day of the week the time off occurs on.
      • Use the dropdown to select the frequency of this pattern (every week, every 2 weeks, etc.)
    2. Monthly: this allows you to set up repeating time off in monthly intervals. There are two options for monthly time off:
      • The first option allows you to repeat on a specific day of the month (e.g. the 5th of every month). Use the first dropdown to select the day and the second dropdown to select the interval, between 1 and 12 months.
      • The second option allows you to repeat on a specific day of the week (e.g. the 1st Monday of every month). Use the first dropdown to select the week, the second dropdown to select the day, and the last dropdown to select the interval (between 1 and 12 months).

The Monthly recurrence options

  1. Use the From Date and To Date fields to select the date range for the time off.
    • The time off will be repeated starting on the From Date and ending on the To Date.
  2. If this is for the entire day, select the All Day checkbox.
  3. Otherwise, use the From Time and To Time fields to select specific times.
  4. Select the appropriate category for the time off.
  5. Optionally, you can add a note about this time off. If your requests require approval, this can help provide some context for the admin reviewing your request.
  6. Click the Save button.

Creating and saving recurring time off

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