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Syncing your LibStaffer availability with your LibCal Appointments

If you use LibCal Appointments to manage your 1-on-1 appointment bookings with patrons, you can sync your schedule appointment times with your LibStaffer availability. During times when you have scheduled appointments, you'll be listed as unavailable in LibStaffer. This can help your schedule Admin(s) avoid scheduling you during times you are meeting with patrons. (Similarly, you can also enable LibStaffer sync in your LibCal account settings so patrons don't schedule appointments during your scheduled shifts!)

To enable LibCal sync for your account: 

  1. Click on your account name (email address) in the command bar to access your Manage Account page.
  2. Click on the Calendar Sync tab.
  3. In the LibCal Sync panel, set the LibCal Appointments Sync option to Enabled.
    • Note: this may already be enabled by default for your account by your LibStaffer Admin.
    • You can return to this page at any time to disable LibCal sync for your account.

Please note: when you first enable LibCal sync, if any of your already scheduled shifts conflict with existing appointment times, you will not be automatically removed from those shifts.

Enabling the LibCal Appointments sync for your account

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