Set your default Reference Analytics dataset

When you set a default Reference Analytics dataset, it will be the very first dataset selected when:

  • Adding a new transaction, including:
    • Via the Ref. Analytics > Add Transaction page
    • Adding tickets, when a queue has Add to Reference Analytics By Default selected
    • Adding chats
  • Viewing/editing transactions
  • Viewing transaction statistics
  • Running a cross tab report

This is especially convenient when your LibAnswers system has multiple Reference Analytics datasets, but you primarily contribute to only one.

Set your default analytics instance

  1. To access your account settings, click on your email address in the orange command bar.
    • If you are a Regular user, you can also go to Admin > Account.
    • Or, if you are an Admin user, you can go to Admin > Accounts and edit your account from that page.
  2. On the Manage Account page, select your preferred dataset from the Default Analytics Instance dropdown.
  3. ​Scroll down and click the Save button at the bottom of the page.

Selecting a default analytics instance

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