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System Settings: Customize the institution information for your LibAnswers system

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In your LibAnswers General system settings, you can customize basic details about your institution and LibAnswers system, including its name, time zone, etc.

To adjust your Institution Information:

  1. Go to Admin > System Settings.
  2. On the System Settings page, under the General tab, you'll find these options in the Institution Information box. Each option has its own Save button, so be sure to click it after making any changes to that option.
    1. LibApps Customer ID and LibApps Site ID: these are the unique ID numbers assigned to your library's LibApps account and your LibAnswers site, respectively. Although not required, these can be helpful when contacting our Springy Support and Springy Sales teams about your LibAnswers site.
    2. System Name: this is the name of your LibAnswers system. It will be displayed throughout the system, such as on your public pages. Customizing this is an easy way to brand your system.
    3. Institution Name: this is the name of your institution.
    4. Admin Email: enter the email address of your primary LibAnswers administrator. This will serve as your library's primary contact person with Springshare for your LibAnswers site.
    5. Institution URL: each public page contains navigation breadcrumbs. The first breadcrumb is assigned to your Homepage Institution Name (below). Enter the URL to use as that breadcrumb's link (i.e. your library's homepage).
    6. Homepage Institution Name: this is the name of the first navigation breadcrumb shown on each public page. It will link to the provided Institution URL (above).
    7. Your Timezone: select the correct time zone for your location. This will affect the display of dates and times throughout the system, as well as the delivery of off-hours messages and other time-sensitive notifications.
    8. Support Link / Email: at the bottom of each public page is a link your patrons can use to report an issue with your LibAnswers site. The URL or email address you provide here will be used for that link.
    9. Allow Users to Set "Out of Office" Status: when a user is set to Out of Office, tickets cannot be assigned to them and replies to tickets that they own will be unassigned (allowing other users to follow up instead). Set the option to Yes to allow each user to manage their own Out of Office status. Admins can always set the Out of Office status for any user's account, regardless of this setting.
    10. Hide Patron SMS Numbers: use this setting to select whether patron SMS numbers should be displayed to librarians in this system. When this is set to No, SMS numbers for tickets will be visible in the Patron Info and the User History areas.
The Institution Information settings