Managing queues

What are queues?

A queue is like a pipeline for managing questions from your patrons. Each queue has its own dedicated communication channels, allowing you to receive questions from different sources, such as: 

  • An online question form
  • A unique email address
  • A dedicated SMS number
  • And, if you connect your social media accounts, Twitter and Facebook

Managing queues

From the Admin > Queues page, you can:

  1. See how many queues your current subscription allows
  2. Add additional queues (if allowed with the current subscription) by clicking the Add another queue button.
  3. View the details for a queue including the: Name, email address, SMS number, and linked social media accounts.
  4. View the total number of tickets assigned to the queue.
  5. View the Shared queue status.
  6. Edit the settings for a queue.
    • Clicking the Edit Queue () icon for a queue will open the Manage Queue page for the queue where all aspects of the queue's settings (access, email information, question form options, etc.).
  7. Click the Delete Queue () icon to delete the queue.
    • If the queue you are deleting contains any tickets, you will first be prompted to either move those tickets to another queue or delete them. If you choose to delete the tickets, please be advised that those tickets will no longer be represented in your statistics.
      Caution: deleting a queue is permanent. If you delete a queue, its question form and email address will also be deleted. In addition, that queue's SMS number will become inactive. Any widgets created for that queue will no longer work.

Screenshot highlighting the manage queue page

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