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Queues: Manage user access to a queue

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A queue's User Access settings determine who can view and reply to tickets. By default, all system-level Admin users will have full access to each queue (meaning they can view & reply to tickets, and manage the queue's settings). Regular-level users, on the other hand, must be given access to a queue before they can view tickets. Although optional, you can also choose to give a Regular user admin access to a queue, allowing them to also manage the queue's settings.

If a Regular user does not have access to a queue, they will not be able to view or reply to its tickets via their LibAnswers dashboard or Knowledge Base Explorer.

To access a queue's User Access settings go to Admin > Queues > Edit Queue () icon for the queue > User Access tab.

Adding users to a queue

Before a user can begin answering tickets in your queue, they must first be given access. To add a user to a queue:

  1. Click on the Add Users to Queue button.
Screenshot highlighting the Add Users to Queue button
  1. Select the people you want to add from the Users dropdown.
    • Note: system-level admins already have access to each queue and will not appear in this list.
  2. From the Queue Access Level dropdown, select which level you wish to assign to those users.
    • Note: this will assign the same account level to every selected user. If you want to make some users admins and others regulars, then add the users in separate batches.
  3. Click the Add User to Queue button.

Alternatively, you can also edit a user's queue access by editing their LibAnswers user account. 

Example of adding new users

Editing a user's access

You can change a user's access level in a couple of ways:

  • Use the corresponding dropdown menu in the Level column to select a new access level. Changes you make here will be saved automatically.
  • You can edit the user's queue access by editing their LibAnswers user account.

To remove a user's access to a queue, select the "Remove Access" option from the Level dropdown. (Note: System Admins will always have access to every queue. You cannot remove a System Admin's access to a queue.)

Example of editing a user's access level

Account Levels

System-level admins automatically have admin access to every queue in the system. For all regular-level users, you can assign them one of the access levels from the table below.

These settings will only apply to the current queue; if you want them to have access to multiple queues, each queue's User Access will need to be updated separately. 

Access level View & answer tickets in the queue? Assign & transfer tickets in the queue? Manage queue settings?
Admin (including System Admin) Yes Yes Yes
Regular Yes Yes No
None  No No No