Add and edit multiple choice fields in a question form

question form is an online form that your patrons can use to submit questions to a queue. Each queue gets its own question form, which can be customized to collect additional information from your patrons. For example, if you're an academic library, you may want to know the patron's status (student, faculty, etc.), department/major, and if the question is related to a specific course. This additional info can not only help you better assist your patrons, but it can also be used to filter your ticket statistics, as well.

You can provide access to your question forms in a few ways:

  • Via an FAQ group's public pages
  • Adding a LibAnswers asset to one of your guides in LibGuides
  • Embedding or linking to your question form using a LibAnswers widget

This makes it possible for users to submit questions from beyond LibAnswers itself, such as your library website, catalog, or electronic resources.

In addition to asking for the patron's name, email, and question, you can add up to 3 multiple choice fields to your question form for gathering information like:

  • The patron's local public library branch
  • If a patron is a student, faculty member, etc.
  • What academic department/major a patron belongs to
  • The type of question being asked (e.g. general research, genealogy, local history, etc.)
  • How urgently the patron needs an answer

A multiple choice field on a question form 

Adding a multiple choice field

  1. Go to Admin > Queues.
  2. Click on your queue's edit () icon in the Actions column.

The Edit icon for a queue

  1. Click on the Question Form tab.

The Question Form tab

  1. Click on the Multiple Choice Fields panel to expand it.
  2. If a field is available, its Field Label will be empty. Enter a name in the Field Label for an available field to add it to your form.
    • You can have up to three multiple choice fields at any one time: Multiple Choice Field 1Multiple Choice Field 2, and Multiple Choice Field 3.
    • The labels will display next to each field's dropdown menu on your live question form.
    • If a field does not have a label, it will not display in your question form, stats, or the FAQ Knowledge Base Explorer.
  3. If desired, select the Make this field required checkbox.
    • Pro tip: having too many required fields in a form may discourage people from submitting it, so use this sparingly.
  4. For each option you want to add, click on the Add another option button and enter a name for the new option.
  5. When finished, click the Save Field button for your field.

Adding a field and field options in the Multiple Choice Fields panel

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Rename field options

To change the name of an existing field option:

  1. Edit the text in that option's field.
  2. Click the Save Field button.

Please note that this change will apply everywhere the field option appears, including your stats, question form, and Knowledge Base Explorer. For example, if you rename an option from "Option A" to "Option B", tickets that had "Option A" selected will now show "Option B".

Saving a renamed option

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Reorder field options

When you initially add an option to a field, it will appear at the bottom of the list. However, you can reorder a field's options at any time.

Important: if you have any unsaved changes, such as newly added or renamed fields, be sure to click the Save Field button first. Otherwise, you will lose those changes when saving the new field order.
  1. Click on the field's Reorder Options button.

The Reorder Options button

  1. In the Reorder Field Options window, drag and drop your fields in the desired order.
  2. Click the Update Order button to save your changes.

The Reorder Field Options window

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Delete field options

Before deleting an option from one of your fields

Please note:

  • Deleting a field option is permanent and cannot be undone.
  • This will delete both the option and its statistics. Any tickets which had that option selected will instead be counted as "No Response" in your Source & Form Fields ticket stats.
  • Deleting an option will not affect tickets which have other options selected (i.e. they will retain their original selections).
  • The option will no longer display under that field when viewing/editing tickets, in your question form, or in the Knowledge Base Explorer filters.

If you would still like to remove an option from one of your fields:

  1. Click on the red delete () button next to the option your want to remove.
  2. When prompted, click OK to proceed.

The delete button next to a field option and confirmation prompt

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Remove a multiple choice field from a question form

If you no longer want to display a field on your form, you can remove it.

  1. Delete each of the field's options individually.
  2. Delete the text in its Field Label.
  3. Click the Save Field button.
  4. When prompted to remove the field, click the OK button to proceed.

Important note about reusing fields

If you would like to remove a field in order to reuse it to gather different data, first delete each option from the field as mentioned in the steps above. Then, change the field label, add new options, and save the field.

Please note that tickets submitted prior to reusing the field will be counted as "No Response" in your Source & Form Fields ticket stats.

We are working towards adding a full delete option for fields in a future LibAnswers release -- stay tuned to our blog for the latest release notes!

Removing a field label and saving 

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