Customizing a queue's email sending method

To access a queue's Email settings go to Admin > Queues > Edit Queue () icon for the queue > Email tab.

The Email Sending Method allows you to choose how your outgoing emails are sent. There are two options:

  1. Default: if you select this option, outgoing emails will be sent from Springshare's servers. This is the recommended option, as it provides the best overall performance when sending emails.
    • Migrating from LibAnswers v1? Stick with the default sending method while you're working through the migration process.
  2. SMTP: if you select this option, outgoing emails will be sent using your institution's SMTP server. This option can be helpful if you're having issues receiving emails sent using the default sending method.
    • Please note that this option will be slower than using the default sending method.
    • When you select this option, you will need to provide the following information (consult your IT staff for the correct settings):
      • SMTP Server: the address of your SMTP server
      • SMTP Port: the port used by your SMTP server
      • Account Username: the username of the email account you want to use
      • Account Password: the password of the email account you want to use
      • Use Encryption: select whether to use SSL, TLS, or no encryption when sending emails (consult your IT staff if you're not sure which option to use)
      • Email Address: this is the address that will be listed as the "FROM" address of your outgoing emails. We recommend that you forward messages from this email address into your LibAnswers queue; otherwise, patron replies will not make their way back into LibAnswers.
    • Once you've made your changes, we highly recommend that you test your email settings to make sure everything is working. 
      • Send the test to both a local email (i.e. a valid email on your institution's domain) and to an external email (e.g. a gmail/hotmail/yahoo type account).
      • Confirm that the message is received in both cases.

Screenshot of the email sending method options

Not receiving emails sent using the Default method? If you're sending replies to patrons on your campus and they're not being received...
  • First, ask your patrons to check the junk mail folder in their email accounts.
  • If they can't find the emails there, then it's likely that they are being quarantined as spam by your campus' email server. When this happens, the messages won't make their way to a user's inbox. To prevent this, contact your IT staff and ask them to add our email server's IP address ( to their trusted domains list.

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