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System Settings: Restrict access to public LibAnswers pages to only account holders

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If you'd like to use LibAnswers as an internal knowledge base only, the Account-Holders Only "Public" Pages option will allow you to restrict access to your public pages to only signed-in users. This means that only those people with a LibAnswers user account will be able to view your homepage, search for FAQs, and view FAQ entries via your internal FAQ group's public pages

Because a user needs to have an account to view your public pages, there may be cases where you want to give someone access to view content, but not allow them to access the admin side of LibAnswers. In cases like this, you can assign users the account level of Reader. When someone has the Reader account level, they will only be given able to view your public FAQ group pages -- they will not be able to access your LibAnswers dashboard, answer tickets, monitor LibChat, create FAQs, etc.

To manage this restriction:

  1. Go to Admin > System Settings.
  2. Click on the Access Rules tab.
  3. In the Account-Holders Only "Public" Pages, toggle whether or not you want to restrict access to logged-in users only.
    • No ("public" pages are open): this means the general public can view all public FAQ group pages.
    • Yes (password required to access any part of the system): When selected, this means that that general public can not access your public FAQ group pages. To view your public pages, a user must have an account in your LibAnswers system and be logged in.

The Account-Holders Only "Public" Pages box