Managing file assets added to tickets and FAQs

There are two types of file assets in LibAnswers:

  • FAQ: these are files that were attached to the Files tab of an FAQ.
  • Ticket: these are files that were attached to a ticket reply.

When you upload and attach a file, it will be retained on our servers until its associated FAQ or ticket is deleted. However, you can centrally manage your uploaded files at any time via the Manage Assets page.

  1. Admin users should go to Admin > Assets. For Regular users, go to Admin > Manage Content.
  2. If you need to manage the files from your FAQs, click on the FAQ Files tab. For files from tickets, select the Ticket Files tab. On either tab, you can manage the files for the groups and/or queues you're assigned to (Admin users can manage all link assets).
    1. To download the file, click on its link in the File column.
    2. To view the file's FAQ or ticket, click on its View () icon in the Actions column.
    3. To edit a file, click on its Edit () icon in the Actions column.
    4. To delete a file, click on its Delete () icon in the Actions column.

Options under the Files tab

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