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Search and replace text and link URLs in your LibAnswers FAQs

The Search & Replace Links tool allows you to search and replace text and link URLs added to your FAQ entries. This includes links added to the answer text of your public FAQs, as well as the URL field of links added to the Links tab of your public FAQs. This can come in handy if you need to update multiple links at once, such as when your library website or catalog gets a new domain name. This can also be used to find and replace any text in your FAQ answers, as well -- not just links.

  1. Admin users will go to Admin > Assets. For Regular users, go to Admin > Manage Content.
    • Note: Regular users can search and replace text in FAQs outside of groups they're assigned to. All searches are system-wide.
  2. Click on the Search & Replace Links tab.
  3. In the Search Text field, enter the text you want to find in your answers (this must be 5 or more characters in length).
    1. If you only want to perform a search and not make any replacements, select the Perform a Search Only checkbox.
  4. In the Replacement Text field, enter the text that you want to replace instances of the text entered in the Search Text field.
    1. To make replacements of the Search Text field case sensitive, click on the Check this box to make the update case sensitive checkbox. When enabled, instances of text in the Search Text field will only be replaced when it has the same upper and lower case letters.
  5. Click the Search button.
    1. After searching, a list of search results will be displayed for you to review before making any replacements.
  6. Once you've reviewed the search results, you can proceed with the replacement by clicking the Replace button.
Caution: replacing text is permanent and cannot be undone. Please be sure to carefully review the search results before replacing any text. If you are unsure that the correct links are being targeted, click the Cancel button and try a different search string.

The options under the Search & Replace Links tab

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