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Tickets & LibChat: Create and manage tags for tickets & chats

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Tags allow you to organize and categorize your tickets & chat transcripts, making it easier to:

  • Search and browse for tickets & transcripts on specific topics.
  • Create dashboard views for specific types of tickets.
  • Filter your statistics to analyze tickets or chats by topic or type of question.
  • Identify trends within individual ticket queues and chat departments, or system-wide.

Note: tags are not specific to individual queues or chat departments, so they can be applied to any ticket or transcript in the system.

Creating tags

If you have not enabled the Lock Tags option in your system settings, any user can create a new tag when replying to a ticket. However, if tags are locked or if you would like to create tags outside of ticket replies, you can do so in your Metadata settings.

  1. Go to Admin > Metadata.
  2. Click on the Tags tab. 
  3. Click on  Add a New Tag.
The Add a New Tag option under the Tags tab
  1. In the Tag field, enter the name for your tag.
    1. The Preview will update automatically with your changes to the tag's text and colors.
  2. Select the Text Color for the tag.
  3. Select the Background Color for the tag.
  4. Click the Save button.
The Create a Tag window

Managing tags

  1. To edit a tag's name and colors, click on the Change This Tag () icon in the Actions column.
  2. To delete a tag, click the Delete Tag () icon in the Actions column. This will remove the tag from all assigned tickets and chats. If desired, you can bulk reassign the tickets and chats to a substitute tag, a handy option for consolidating similar tags.
    • NOTE: some tags will not display a Delete Tag () icon. When you see a tag like this, that means it's tied to a product that was created in the System Status Management Tool. These tags can only be deleted if you delete the product from the System Status Management Tool.
Example of options for managing tags