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FAQs: Manage an FAQ group's user access permissions

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A group's user access settings control who has the ability to view, add, and edit FAQs in that group. By default, all system-level admin users have admin access to each group. The user access settings give you the ability to designate regular-level users who can manage the group's settings, as well. Here's a breakdown of the available options:

Access level Add & edit FAQs? Manage group settings? View group pages?
Admin Yes Yes Yes
Editor Yes No Yes
Read-only (only available in Restricted Internal groups) No No Yes

Adding users to a group

  1. Go to Admin > FAQ Groups.
  2. For the group you want to edit, click on its Edit Group Settings () icon in the Actions column.
  3. On the Manage FAQ Groups page, click on the User Access tab.
  4. Click the Add Users to Group button.
  5. In the Add User to Group window, select which users you want to add from the Users dropdown.
  6. Select which access level you want to give the selected users from the Group Access Level dropdown.
  7. Click the Add User to Group button.
    • If you want to add users at different permission levels, do them in batches.
    • For example, in the first batch, add all admin users. Then, repeat the above steps to add all regular users in a second batch.

The Add User to Group window

Changing a user's access level

  1. Locate the user in the User Access table.
  2. In the Level dropdown, select the new user permission to apply. The change will be saved automatically.
    • To remove the user from the group, select the "Remove Access" option.

Example of changing a user's access level