How to edit an FAQ's answer

To edit an FAQ's answer text:

  1. Go to Answers > FAQ Entries.
  2. In the Knowledge Base Explorer, locate the FAQ you want to edit and click on its link in the Question column.
  3. On the Edit FAQ page, under the FAQ's Answer tab, use the rich text editor to add and customize the text of your answer. 
    • This is a familiar WYSIWYG editor very much like you'd see in Microsoft Word or Google Docs.
    • You can use the text editor to apply styles, paragraph formats, and font changes. It also has the ability to insert lists, block quotes, links, images, and tables.
    • Need more space to work? Click on the Maximize () button to go full screen. Click it again to switch back to in-page mode.
    • Tip: right-click on most elements to access a Properties menu with additional features. For example, right-click on a numbered list to change the numbering style or starting number.
  4. Click the Save Answer Text button each time you want to save your changes.
    1. Changes you make to the last saved version are temporarily stored in your browser's local storage. That way, in case you accidentally leave the page without saving, your most recent changes will still be there when you go back. If you would like to clear those changes and revert to the last saved version, click the Clear Draft Text button.

The rich text editor under the Answer tab

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