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Customizing your queue's email signature

To access a queue's Email settings go to Admin > Queues > Edit Queue () icon for the queue > Email tab.

You add custom Email Signatures to the end of each of your ticket replies. You can choose to send the same signature on each email, or use the personal signature of the user sending the reply.

  1. Select your signature option:
    • If you want to display the signature of the user sending the reply, select Email Signature of User responding to ticket.
      • Each user can customize his or her signature via their My Account page in LibApps.
      • To get there from LibAnswers, click on your email address in the command bar to edit your LibAnswers account. Then, click on the Go to LibApps at the top of the page.
    • If you would rather display the same signature on every message, select Use This Email Tagline for all outgoing emails.
  2. If you chose to use the same email tagline for all outgoing emails, enter the custom text you want to display as the signature.
    • Want to format your text? Your signature can include HTML code.
    • For best results, though, try to keep HTML code to a minimum.
  3. Save your changes.

Example of creating a custom email signature 

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