Connecting a Twitter account to a queue

To access a queue's Social Media settings go to Admin > Queues > Edit Queue () icon for the queue > Social Media tab.

Note: a LibApps admin must set up a Twitter account in LibApps' Social Channels Integration before a queue can be connected to Twitter.

With Twitter integration, your users can send tickets to LibAnswers via Twitter. The tickets will then come into your open Tickets queue. Optionally, you can also post tweets. Having a dedicated Twitter account just for LibAnswers is a great way to promote your system because the entire Twitter universe will be able to see your answers and take notice.

In the Twitter box on the Social Media tab, you will select the Twitter account you want to connect to the queue by selecting it from the Twitter account dropdown. Once you've selected the account you want to connect, click Save.

twitter connect queue‚Äč

Twitter Settings

If you are using Twitter to receive Tweets, LibAnswers must also be able to send Tweets. The Twitter Settings space lets you:

  1. Turn on/off the ability to receive Tweets.
  2. Turn on/off the ability to send/receive direct messages from LibAnswers.

Direct Message Reply Threading

In the Twitter Direct Message Reply Threading section of the box, you can choose the time interval for threading messages into the same LibAnswers ticket.

  1. Threading interval can be set to: 0, 1, 3, 6, 12, 24, or 48 hours.

As an example, If you send an answer to a direct message ticket and your Reply Threading Interval is set to 12 hours, then any message from the same Twitter user will be treated as a reply to the answer if it arrives within 12 hours of the answer.

Twitter Hashtags

You can tell LibAnswers to actively follow up to 5 Twitter hashtags and pull them into your queue. As new tweets using the hashtags are found they will appear in your Social Network feed or Twitter posts list. We recommend caution in what hashtags you follow as some can be very active. Hashtags are retrieved every hour.

Tagged tweets are kept for 30 days, with daily statistical counts kept for previous to 30 days. You can unsubscribe from a hashtag to keep the statistics or delete a tag to remove all tweets and statistics.

In this space, you can:

  1. View the hashtags you are currently following in the Current Subscribed Tags space. Hashtags that are unchecked retain their statistics, but are not followed with future updates in your Social Network Feed.
  2. add new hashtags by inputting them (with no leading hashtag) into the Add Hashtag field and clicking Subscribe.

screenshot of twitter/queue settings

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