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Tickets: Manage email errors

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Ticket replies that don't successfully make it to the intended recipient due to an error are listed in the Errors tab. Errors related to tickets list the email address the ticket reply was sent to as well as the error code returned from the receiving email server. Each email server is set up differently and some will provide more information with the error code than others. Additionally, an email notification will be sent to the owner of the ticket, when there is an error in delivering the reply.

Most commonly, replies will produce an error when the email address doesn't exist. This may be because the email address was mistyped. For this type of error, select the link to the ticket reply in the Info Column to view the ticket and reply. The email address can be edited in the ticket information, then the reply can be resent using the cog icon for the failed reply.

For replies labeled error 605: Not delivering to previously bounced address, these are email addresses that rejected previous replies from LibAnswers. The rejection record can be cleared by selecting the link Clear Record. Then, try resending the reply.

  1. Links to the ticket and the specific reply that generated the error can be found in the Info column.
  2. The Error column will display the error code details.
    • Protip: If the error code doesn't give you enough information, try a quick internet search for the code. There are a number of resources that example email error codes in great detail.
  3. When errors are attended to, the error notification can be removed from this area. Check the box in the ID column for the error, then select Delete Selected.
screenshot showing errors tab