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Tickets (SMS): Send an SMS message from scratch and move SMS replies to another ticket/thread

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Send an SMS message

In addition to receiving SMS tickets, you can also send messages to any mobile number. For example, let's say you're helping a student at the reference desk, but they had to run to class before you could grab the books they need. You could jot down their number and send them a text to let them know that you have the books on hold. Whatever the reason, this makes it easy to text your patrons without having to give out a personal mobile number.

These SMS messages will not create a new ticket unless the patron replies to your message. If/when the patron replies, their reply will be treated as a new SMS ticket.

To send a new message:

  1. Go to Answers > Create from the command bar.
  2. Click on the SMS tab.
  3. Enter the mobile number of the recipient
    • Enter only numbers (e.g. 5558675309) -- do not include hyphens, periods, or other punctuation.
    • You can send a message to up to 10 people. Separate multiple numbers by semicolons.
    • To send a message to an international number, start the number with a '+' followed by the country code (e.g. +15558675309).
  4. Enter your message (up to 150 characters).
    1. If needed, click on the "I need more space" link to add a second message, giving you an additional 150 characters.
  5. Click the Send SMS button.

Note:  In order to create an SMS message, a user must have at least regular-level access to the queue and the queue must have an SMS number assigned to it.

Example of sending an SMS message

Move an SMS reply to another ticket

If a new SMS ticket is submitted to a queue, but that ticket is actually a reply to a previous exchange, you can move the entire ticket (question, answer, and all replies) to another ticket's thread. This can happen when a patron replies to an earlier SMS message from LibAnswers after the reply threading interval time limit has passed.

  1. Click on the question's Action () button.
  2. Select  Move to another thread from the dropdown menu.
Example of moving an sms ticket to another thread, part 1
  1. On the SMS Messages from this Number modal, select the previous ticket thread to move the ticket to by clicking the Make selected thread a reply to this ticket link.
Example of moving an sms ticket to another thread, part 2