Editing a ticket's question, patron information, and question form fields

Questioner information (question text and details, asker name and email, and question form fields) can be edited when needed. For example, there may be a typo in the patron's email address, or perhaps you want to complete some of your custom question form fields for a ticket received via email. Edits to the questioner information can be made two ways.

From the Questioner Information modal:

  1. Click on the patron's name below the question text.
  2. On the Questioner Information modal, click the Edit () button.

editing the question info from questioner information modal 1

editing the question info from questioner information modal 2

From the Question Actions button:

  1. Click on the Question Actions button and select Edit ().

editing the question info from questioner actions menu

Editing the patron & question information

While on the Edit Question modal you can:

  1. Question and Details: The text of the question and any additional details added.
  2. Asked by: The name displayed for the patron.
  3. Email:  Email address that replies will be sent to.
  4. Question form fields:  Edit any custom fields that have been added to the queue's question form.
  5. User agent
  6. IP Address

editing the question info

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