How to customize and embed the systems status dashboard widget

You can embed a mini-version of your public status dashboard using the Systems Status Dashboard widget. This provides the current status of each product, which can be handy in places like your library website, a staff intranet page, your LibGuides A-Z database list, etc. When a user clicks on a product link, they've be taken to that product's dashboard page, where they can view its posts.

Example of the systems status dashboard widget

Status Widget settings

Admin users can customize the widget and view its embed code via the Systems Status Management tool settings. Please note that there is a single widget per system, meaning that any customizations you make in the settings will be reflected everywhere the widget has been embedded.

To get started:

  1. Go to Admin > Systems Status Management.
  2. Click on the Settings tab.
  3. Scroll down to the Status Widget box.
    1. Use the Widget Header field to customize the header text of the widget. This displays above the list of products and folders.
    2. Your widget includes a link to the full public dashboard page. Use the Text of link to Status Dashboard to customize the text of that link.
    3. To see how your widget will look, click on the Preview button. A modal window will appear with a fully interactive version of the widget.
  4. To embed your widget, copy and paste both the <script> and <div> element for your widget in your page.
    • For best results, insert the <script> element into your page's <head> element. However, it can also go in the <body> if needed.
    • Place the <div> element in the <body> of your page, specifically where you want the widget to display.

The Status Widget settings 

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