Manage product ideas and votes in the Systems Status Management tool

Unlike other the other types of feedback patrons can provide via your product widgets (i.e. questions, problems, and praise), ideas are not tickets that you manage in your queues. Rather, these are managed separately within the Systems Status Management (SSM) tool.

All SSM Admins and Editors have the ability to review, publish, edit, and delete ideas.

Publishing pending ideas & votes

Patrons can submit new ideas via a product's widget or public dashboard page. However, in order for patrons to view and vote on a new idea, it must first be published by an SSM Admin or Editor. This gives the library an opportunity to moderate new ideas, similar to FAQ comments. There are three visibility statuses:

  • Unpublished: this is the initial status of new ideas. The public cannot view or vote on unpublished ideas.
  • Published: the idea is visible to the public, who can view, vote, and comment on the idea.
  • Completed: this status indicates that the idea has been implemented. The idea will still be visible to the public and receive votes.

Once an idea has been published, patrons can begin voting. When a patron votes, they have the option of leaving a comment, too, giving you another opportunity to collect important feedback. But, similar to newly submitted ideas, newly submitted votes must be approved by a staff member before they are publicly visible (regardless of whether a comment was included with a vote).

Managing pending ideas & votes via the LibAnswers dashboard

When new ideas and votes are submitted, they'll appear under the Pending Ideas/Votes tab on the LibAnswers Dashboard (only SSM Admins and Editors will see this tab). Like the Open Tickets  or Pending Comments tabs, the number of pending ideas and votes will appear in parentheses so you can quickly know if and how many are awaiting review.

  1. While viewing the LibAnswers Dashboard, click on the Pending Ideas/Votes tab.
    • The table will display all ideas that have been newly submitted (i.e. Unpublished) or have pending votes for review.

The Pending Ideas/Votes tab on the LibAnswers dashboard

  1. The Visibility column will show you which ideas are currently unpublished. To review one, click on its edit () icon in the Actions column.
    1. In the Edit Idea window, you can edit the idea's Title, Product, Idea text, and/or Email address before publishing it.
    2. To publish the idea, select "Published" from the Status dropdown.
      • Don't want to publish it? You can click the Cancel button to close it without saving any changes.
      • To completely remove the idea, click its trash can () icon in the Actions column under the Pending Ideas/Votes tab.
    3. Optionally, select the Create a Ticket from this Idea checkbox if you would like to start a ticket in regards to this idea (e.g. if you want to follow up directly with the patron about it). You will be prompted to select a queue, assign a user (optional), and leave an internal note in the new ticket.
    4. Click the Save button.

Options to edit and publish an idea

  1. The Pending Votes column will indicate which ideas have votes and comments to review. Click on the eye () icon to view them.
    1. In the Idea Comments window, each vote will indicate whether it was up or down, and its publication status (Unpublished votes cannot be viewed by the public). You will also see any comments submitted with the vote, as well.
    2. To publish a vote, click on its checkmark () icon in the ID column.
    3. To edit a vote, including its rating, comments, and/or email address, click on its edit () icon in the ID column (you will have the option to publish it when saving your changes).
    4. To delete a vote, click on its trash can () icon in the ID column. This is permanent and cannot be undone, so please be careful.
    5. If you would like to add your own comment, perhaps in response to a patron, click on the Add a Comment button.

Options for managing votes for an idea

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Manage all ideas & votes via Systems Status Management admin page

To view and manage all ideas and votes, SSM Admins and Editors can go to the Systems Status Management admin page.

  1. Go to Admin > Systems Status Management.
  2. Click on the Ideas tab.
    1. Use the Product filter to view ideas for a specific product.
    2. Use the Search field to narrow the list by ID number, Title keyword, Product keyword, Visibility status, or Created on date.
    3. Click on any column heading to sort by that column in ascending order. Click on it again to sort in descending order.
    4. If there are multiple pages of ideas, use the pagination buttons to browse between them.
    5. To view and manage an idea's votes, click on its eye () icon in the Votes column. From here, you can:
      • Approve, edit, and delete an idea's votes
      • Add your own comments
    6. To edit an idea, click on its edit () icon in the Actions column. From here, you can:
      • Edit the idea's Title, Product, Idea text, and Email address.
      • Change the publication Status of the idea.
      • Create a Ticket from this idea.
    7. To delete an idea, click on its trash can () icon in the Actions column.
      • This will permanently delete the idea and its votes.
      • This cannot be undone, so please be careful.

Options under the Ideas tab 

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