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Can we scrub personally identifiable patron information from LibAnswers?

Springshare provides an option to regularly scrub personally identifiable patron information from your LibAnswers data. We offer two types of scrubbing.

  • Patron information scrubbing
  • Full information scrubbing (patron info plus the full text of questions and/or chat transcripts)
Just want to remove names from transcripts? As an alternative to enabling privacy scrubbing, you can also enable the Anonymize Transcripts option under Admin > LibChat Set-up > Settings. For more information, please see our article on how to anonymize names in chat transcripts. Once enabled, LibChat will anonymize the transcript at the end of each future chat.

What exactly is scrubbed?

  • Patron Information: with this option, we can scrub any or all the following data:
    • Name
    • Email
    • IP address
    • SMS/Phone Numbers
  • Full Information scrubbing: with this option, all of the above patron information is scrubbed and all the transaction text is deleted too. The tickets will look something like the below image. 

Image of a ticket highlighting the data that is scrubbed when using full information scrubbing

How does this work?

To set this up for your LibAnswers system, please ask one of your LibAnswers admins to submit the Privacy Scrub Request form and let us know the following:

  • LibAnswers Site URL or Site ID (so we make sure we're applying this service to the correct site)
  • Exact date you want to start running the privacy scrub. This must be a weekday (Monday - Friday). 
  • How many months of data do you want to keep?
    • The privacy scrub runs on a daily basis, beginning on the start date you provided us.
    • When the scrub runs, records older than this amount of time will be scrubbed.
    • Please note that we need to keep at least one month in order to allow you and the patron enough time to reply.
  • What do you want to clear? Please choose one of the following options:
    • Email Addresses (in Tickets, Chats, FAQ Comments, SSM Ideas/Comments, any saved email message metadata)
    • SMS/Phone Numbers (in SMS messages and Chats)
    • IP Addresses (for Tickets, Chats, FAQ Comments, Query Spy)
    • Names (in Tickets and Chats)
    • ALL Ticket/Reply Content (in Questions, details, replies, notes, custom form field content, user agent data, etc.)
    • Chat Transcript Content and Personal Info (ALL chat transcript text, chat question, comments, user agent, custom widget fields, etc.)

You can contact us at any time if you need to change any of the above preferences.

What happens when the privacy scrub runs?

The privacy scrub runs on a daily basis. Once it runs on your site, please keep in mind the following:

  • Records will still exist and contain the data that was not scrubbed (such as dates and times).
  • As a result, you will still be able to analyze that historical data in your statistics.
  • However, when searching that data (such as with the Knowledge Base Explorer), just remember that you will no longer be able to search it by the scrubbed fields.
  • Instead, the data in the scrubbed fields will be replaced with a hashed value (in layman's terms: gibberish). 
  • Once data has been scrubbed, it cannot be restored.

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