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SSM: Customize the public Systems Status dashboard

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The public Systems Status Management (SSM) dashboard provides patrons with an overview of each product's current status, along with recent public posts added to each product.

SSM admin users have the ability to customize parts of this page, including:

  1. The page title
  2. The page description / subtitle
  3. How many columns of products to display at the top of the page

Example of the top of the public dashboard page, highlighting the location of the title, description, and product columns

  1. Go to Admin > Systems Status Management.
  2. Click on the Settings tab.
  3. In the Public Page box:
    1. Click on the Preview Page button to see a live version of your public dashboard.
    2. Use the Page Title field to customize the title text of your public pages, then click the Save button.
    3. Use the Page Description/Subtitle text box to add or edit the page description, then click the Save button. This text displays below the title on each page.
    4. Use the Products: Number of columns to display dropdown to select how many columns (between 1 and 4) of products to display at the top of each page, then click the Save button.

Options in the Public Page box