Managing pre-defined questions

Pre-defined questions can be set up for your Reference Analytics datasets for your most commonly asked (and recorded) questions. For example, you might create pre-defined questions for printer-related issues, queries about finding a book, directions to a location in the library, and of course, the most common question asked in any library: where the bathrooms are located.

To manage the pre-defined questions for a dataset:

  1. Go to Admin > Ref. Analytics.
    • Note: only admin-level accounts can manage pre-defined questions.
  2. Click the Pre-Defined Questions tab.
  3. Select the dataset to create/manage pre-defined questions for from the Define Questions for: dropdown.
  4. Add the text of the question in a Question field.
  5. Click the Add another question icon to add an additional question field.
  6. Click Save.

managing pre-defined questions

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