Adding a reference analytics transaction

Reference Analytics transactions can be added to a dataset through three methods: from the Add Transaction page with the Ref. Analytics module, while submitting a status change for a ticket, or from a chat with a patron in LibChat.

Adding a transaction from the Add Transactions page

On the Add Transaction page (accessed from Ref. Analytics > Add Transaction from the command bar), you can:

  1. Choose the dataset that the transaction will be added to from the Dataset dropdown.
  2. Record the text of the Question.
    1. If the question fits the criteria for one of your pre-defined questions, click the Select one of the pre-defined questions () icon and select the appropriate question from the list.
  3. Type the Answer for the question.
  4. Choose whether or not you want to create a new FAQ based on the question being recorded.
    1. You can also perform a search of your FAQs to see if a similar FAQ already exists to help with your decision.
  5. Set the Time Stamp for the transaction.
    1. Select Edit Date/Time if you need to record a time other than the current time for the transaction.
  6. Set the Answered By user for the transaction.
    • The default value will be the user account that is recording the transaction.
  7. Optionally, add an Internal Note.
  8. Set the READ scale value when the field is enabled for a dataset.
  9. Complete the metadata fields for the transaction
    1. If you need to unselect fields that were accidentally selected, click the Click here to unselect the above fields link.
  10. Click Submit or Submit & Clear to submit the transaction.
    • Clicking Submit will keep all of the metadata values that were used for the transaction selected -- clearing out the rest of the fields
    • Clicking Submit & Clear will clear all fields -- including the metadata values.

adding transactions from the Add Transaction page

Adding a transaction from a ticket

While replying to a ticket, you can choose to add a record of the reply to a dataset.  After answering the ticket as normal:

  1. Choose the dataset that the transaction should be added to from the Add to Analytics dropdown.
  2. Assign the appropriate values to your metadata fields.
    1. Set the READ scale (when enabled).
    2. Optionally, add an Internal Note.
  3. Submit the reply.
    • Note: additional transactions can be recorded for every reply that is sent out for a ticket from a LibAnswers user.

If you forget to add your analytics data when responding to a ticket, don't worry, you can always manually add the data from the Add Transaction page.

adding transactions from a ticket's answer page

Adding a transaction from the LibChat chat session

LibChat will store your chat transcripts automatically, not only giving you an archive of your conversations, but also providing you with statistics on your LibChat activity. However, you also have the option of adding your chats to a Reference Analytics dataset, as well.

  1. Click on the chart () button at the top of the chat pane.
  2. In the Add to Reference Analytics window, use the Add to Analytics dropdown to select the dataset to which the chat should be added.
  3. The transcript of the chat will automatically be added to the Answer text box for this transaction. However, you can edit that field, along with the Question and Details field, as needed.
  4. If the dataset contains custom metadata fields, you can use the dropdown menus for each to select a value.
  5. Click the Save button.

The chart button

The Add to Reference Analytics window

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