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How do I analyze product tickets submitted via the Systems Status Management widgets?

When a patron submits a question, problem, or praise from your various product widgets, a ticket will be created and automatically assigned specific tags. The table below provides an overview.

Feedback type Tags
Question Product: XYZ
Problem Product: XYZ, Problem
Praise Product: XYZ, Praise

Not only do these tags this help you quickly identify the product tickets in your queue(s), but they also allow you to easily search for these tickets in your Knowledge Base Explorer. This in turn allows you to view statistics for these tickets, either by product, feedback type, or both.

Browsing, analyzing, and exporting product tickets

  1. To browse your product tickets, go to Answers > Tickets
  2. Using the filters at the top of the page, use the Tag dropdown to select a product tag and/or feedback type (i.e. Problem or Praise) from the list.
    • Please note: this uses AND logic, so tickets will only be returned if they contain all of the selected tags.
  3. Apply any other filters that you'd like, then click the Filter button.
    1. To analyze the distribution of these tickets over time, click on the  Dates & Times tab.
    2. To analyze the question sources and form submissions, click on the  Source & Form Fields tab.
    3. To analyze the distribution of these tickets among staff and their average response time, click on the  Answerer & Turnaround Time tab.
    4. To view the referring URLs of these tickets, click on the  Referrer tab.
    5. To download the list in CSV format, click on the  Export tab.

The Knowledge Base Explorer filtered by a product tag

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