How to create and schedule Pinterest pins in LibAnswers

By connecting a Pinterest account to one of your queues, you will be able to create pins right from within LibAnswers. Pins, which can include an image, note, and/or link, can be published immediately or you can choose to schedule them for a future date.

Before you begin: if you've not yet connected a Pinterest account to your LibAnswers queue, please see the Links & Files section below for more info. Once you have that set up, then you'll be able to add new pins via LibAnswers.

Who can create pins?

  • Admin users: because Admins have admin access to every queue, they can add pins from any connected Pinterest account.
  • Regular users: in order to create a pin, Regular users must have either Regular or Admin access to a queue with a connected Pinterest account. That will allow them to post only to that account.

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Creating a new pin

To create a new pin, and either publish it immediately or schedule it for a future date:

  1. Click on Social in the LibAnswers navigation bar.
  2. On the Social Media Activity page, click on the Create button and select Facebook Post from the dropdown menu.

Selecting Pinterest Pin from the Create dropdown

  1. In the Create PInterest Post window, you can select which connected Pinterest account to use.
    • If you have multiple queues, each with its own connected Pinterest account, you can select which one to use.
    • If only one connected Pinterest account is available to you, its name will display as text.
  2. From the Board dropdown, select where to add your pin.
  3. Use the Upload an image option to select a JPG, GIF, or PNG image from your computer.
    1. Or, enter the URL of an image to use in the Image URL field.
  4. In the Note text box, enter the text to appear below the image in your pin. (Please note that Pinterest does not support HTML in pins.)
  5. If you would like your pin to link to a URL, enter it in the Link field. (When a user clicks on your pin, they will be taken to this URL.)
  6. If you would like to publish this pin on a future date & time, click in the Publish Time field and select your preference using the provided date & time pickers.
    • To publish a pin immediately, leave this field blank.
  7. Click the Post to Pinterest button.

Options in the Create Pinterest Post modal

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Managing scheduled pins

To edit or cancel scheduled pins:

  1. Click on the Upcoming Scheduled Posts tab.
    1. To edit a pin or change it's scheduled publishing time, click on its  Edit link.
    2. To delete a scheduled pin, click on its trash can () icon.
    3. To view scheduled pins from another queue's Pinterest account, select it from the Queue dropdown and click the Update Feed button.
    4. Depending upon how many scheduled posts are upcoming, you may need to click on the Load more... button to view them all.

Options under the Upcoming Scheduled Posts tab

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