Viewing your twitter feed (tweets & direct messages) in LibAnswers

By connecting a Twitter account to one of your queues, you will be able to monitor mentions, hashtags, and direct messages right from within LibAnswers.

Before you begin: if you've not yet connected a Twitter account to your LibAnswers queue, please see the Links & Files section below for more info. Once you have that set up, then you'll be able to add new tweets and direct messages via LibAnswers.

Who can view Twitter activity?

  • Admin users: because Admins have admin access to every queue, they can view the activity for all connected Twitter accounts.
  • Regular users: in order to view Twitter activity, Regular users must have either Regular or Admin access to a queue with a connected Twitter account. That will allow them to view only content from that account.

Viewing Twitter activity

  1. Click on Social in the LibAnswers navigation bar.
  2. On the Social Media Activity page, click on the Twitter tab.
  3. Under Tweets & Messages, use the filters to customize the list of activity.
    1. Queue: if you have multiple queues connected to Twitter accounts, you can choose which queue to view.
    2. Source: you can choose to view Mentions, Direct Messages, and/or Hashtags.
    3. From and To: set the date range of activity you want to view.
    4. Show read items: select this checkbox to include Twitter activity that has been marked as read.
    5. Click the Filter button to apply your changes.
    6. To reset the filters to their default selections, click on the Clear Filter link.
  4. As you browse your feed, click on the Mark as Read link in a post to hide it. This can help you keep track of what you have and haven't yet reviewed.
    • When you mark something as read, it will be marked as Read for all users. If you click it again, it will return to a status of unread.
    • That way, if you're managing the social feed with multiple users, you won't accidentally reply to the same post.
  5. To update multiple posts as read, click on the checkboxes next to each (or click the Toggle All button) and then click the Mark Selected as Read button.

Options for viewing tweets and messages under the Twitter tab

How posts are color coded

Each item in your social feed is color coded to indicate both the source and status of the the item.

The item's border indicates where the posts are coming from:

  • Items with blue colored border show the activity/posts from your institution.
  • Items with a light gray border show the activity/posts from your patrons.

The item's background indicates whether the item is new or read:

  • Items with a gray background are "new" and haven't been marked as read.
  • Items with a white background have been marked as read.

Managing Twitter activity

Mentions & direct messages

  1. To indicate that a tweet has been reviewed and hide it from your social feed, click on its Mark as read link.
  2. Mentions and direct messages will appear as tickets. To view and reply to these, click on the their View Ticket links.
    • To receive mentions, your queue's Twitter settings must have Receive Tweets to LibAnswers enabled.
    • To receive direct messages, your queue's Twitter settings must have Send/Receive Direct Messages from/to LibAnswers enabled.

Options for managing tweets and direct messages

Tweets with followed hashtags

To view tweets containing certain hashtags, each hashtag must be added to the list of followed hashtags in your queue's Twitter settings

  1. To indicate that a tweet has been reviewed and hide it from your social feed, click on its Mark as read link.
  2. To create a ticket from a tweet and send a reply, click on its Create a Ticket link.

Options for managing tweets with followed hashtags

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