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LibChat: See which operators are online / sign another user out of LibChat

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To see which users are currently signed into LibChat, Admins and Regular users that are Queue Admins for a queue that is assigned to a department can go to Admin > LibChat Set-up and click on the Who's Online tab. From the Who's Online tab, you can also sign a user out of LibChat.

Screenshot showing how to access the "Who's Online" page of the LibChat Settings.
You can access your LibChat settings by selecting LibChat Set-up under the Admin menu.

Online users

When the Users button is selected under the Who's Online tab, you'll see a list of all users currently signed into LibChat, including the time they signed in, which departments they are currently monitoring, how many active chats they have, and what co-ops they are monitoring -- if your institution is a member of a LibChat Co-Op.

A list of online users under the Who's Online tab
You can terminate a user's session under the Who's Online tab.

Sign a user out of LibChat

If you ever notice your chat widgets appearing online at an unusual time, it could be because a user forgot to sign out. If that's the case, the Online Since time will give you some sense of how long that user has been signed in.

  1. To sign a user out of LibChat, click on their Terminate Session button in the Action column.

Online departments

In addition to seeing which users are currently online, you can also see a summary of which departments are currently being monitored. This can be especially helpful when you have multiple users signed in at once since you don't have to look separately through each user's list of monitored departments.

  1. To view the list, click on the Departments button. This list will show you:
    1. The status of the department
      • Green means the department is being monitored
      • Red means that no users are currently monitoring the department
    2. The name of the department
    3. The number of users currently monitoring that department
      • Click on the View () icon to see the names of those users
Screenshot showing the online status of chat departments
Click on Departments to view the status of each chat department.

View monitoring data

While the Who's Online feature allows admins to see who's currently monitoring which departments, the Coverage report provides historical chat monitoring data. This includes aggregate data by month, weekday, and hour, as well as a breakdown of monitoring time by user.

  • Admin-level users can view coverage data for all departments and users.
  • Regular-level users who are shared group admins can view coverage data for departments they belong to.

To access these stats, click on the LibChat menu and select Coverage.

the coverage option in the LibChat menu
Admins can access the Coverage report under the LibChat menu.