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LibChat: Use sign-off schedule rules to log all users out of LibChat at a specific time

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It's inevitable. Someone is going to forget to sign off of LibChat when they leave for the day. This can make LibChat appear online, even though nobody is actually monitoring it. To help avoid any missed chats, you can create sign-off schedule rules to automatically sign everyone off at a certain time each day. Each sign-off schedule rule allows you to define a specific day and time when you want users to be signed out of LibChat. Shortly after that designated time (5 minutes), every user will be automatically disconnected unless they are currently chatting with a patron.

For example, let's say your chat reference schedule ends at 10 pm, Monday-Friday. If you want to make sure everyone is signed out at that time, you would create a separate rule for each day of the week at 22:00. 

To add and manage your sign-off rules, go to Admin > LibChat Set-up > Settings.

Screenshot showing how to navigate to the LibChat Settings page

Add a sign-off schedule rule

  1. Click the Add a rule button.
  2. Select the department this rule applies to (or select "All" to apply the rule to every department).
  3. Select the day of the week this rule applies to.
  4. Select the hour when you want users to be signed off on the specified day.
  5. Select the minute when you want users to be signed off (you can choose to sign off users at each quarter-hour -- :00, L15, :30, or :45).
  6. Click the Save () button.
Example of adding a sign-off rule

Modify sign-off schedule rules

  1. To edit a sign-off schedule rule, change the necessary options and click the Save () button.
  2. To delete a sign-off schedule rule, click on the Delete () button next to that rule.
Screenshot highlighting how to edit or delete a sign-off rule