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LibChat: Anonymize names in chat transcripts

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When you create a chat widget, you can prompt users to provide a name. This name will not only be used during the chat to help you identify the user, but it will also be saved in the chat transcript, as well. If you'd rather not save the name in the transcript, you can choose to represent the patron anonymously. To do this, navigate to Admin > LibChat Set-up and click on the Settings tab.

Screenshot showing how to navigate to the LibChat Settings page

In the Anonymize Names in Transcripts box, you can enable or disable the Anonymize chat transcript names option.

  • When set to Yes, all patrons will be represented by the name "Patron" in your chat transcripts.
  • When set to No, chat transcripts will retain the name provided by the patron. (You can still edit individual transcripts to remove that name, however.)
  • Would you rather use a different pseudonym? You can change this by going to Admin > System Settings > Language Options. Just enter a different label for "Patron" under Custom Language > LibChat and save your changes. 

Screenshot of the "Anonymize Names in Transcripts" option

Want to scrub all patron information? If you'd like to completely remove personally-identifiable patron information from LibAnswers (including LibChat), we can enable privacy scrubbing for your system. For more information, please see the Links & Files section below.