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How to proactively prompt users to start a chat

One way you can both raise awareness of your chat service and encourage patrons to start chatting with you is by using proactive chat. Button pop-out, slide-out tab, and floating widgets can all be configured to automatically prompt users to start chatting with you.

Example of a proactive chat prompt for a floating widget

How do I set this up?

When creating or editing a widget under LibChat > Chat Widgets, you can enable proactive chat by configuring the Autoload Delay option.

  1. In the Autoload Delay field, enter how many seconds to wait before displaying the proactive chat prompt. This timer begins once the page containing your widget finishes loading.
    • Users will have the option of dismissing the widget if they don't want to chat. If they do, the widget will remain dismissed for 60 minutes. After that time, the prompt will appear again the next time the widget is loaded.
    • Don't want the widget to automatically pop out? Just enter a value of 0 as the Autoload Delay.
  2. If you subscribe to LibCal, click on the Include myScheduler link in autoload pane checkbox if you would like to include a link to an Appointments scheduler. This can allow users to schedule an in-person appointment if they don't want to chat now.
    1. Click on the Pick myScheduler link to select which appointment scheduler to use.

The Autoload Delay and Include myScheduler Link in Autoload Pane options

Can I customize this prompt?

While creating or editing your widget, the Autoload View will appear in the Preview/Text Customization column once the Autoload Delay option has been enabled. Click on any of the following elements in the Autoload View to customize them:

  1. The text of the header.
  2. The text of the message under the header.
  3. The text of the Start Chat button.
  4. The text of the No Thanks button.

Example of the Autoload View

Looking for more info on creating widgets?

No problem! Check out the Links & Files section below for an in-depth overview of button, slide-out, and floating chat widgets.

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