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LibChat: Chat ratings summary and chat comments

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After each chat, the patron has an option to rate the chat and leave comments regarding the quality of the chat experience. The Chat Ratings tab provides a summary of the ratings provided by your patrons after each chat, along with browsing comments that have been left by patrons after a chat is complete.

Please note:If your LibAnswers system is set up as a Shared Group System, you will have an additional filter that allows you to limit the chat ratings you are viewing to a specific Group Member Library.
  • Admin users can view all ratings in the system, while Regular users can only view ratings for chats that originated from or were transferred to their Group Member Library.

To get started, go to LibChat > Statistics > Chat Ratings tab. 

Filtering your chats

Use the filters at the top of the page to narrow the chats you want to view the ratings and comments for.

filters for libchat ratings

  1. If your LibAnswers site has departments and chat widgets that are also monitored by shared sites, you can choose to include chats answered by the shared sites with this checkbox. 
  2. Email/Phone: use this field to filter by the email address or phone number that was input by the patron in the Contact Info field.
  3. Transcript Text: use this field to filter by keywords in the transcript of a chat.
  4. Department: use this field to filter chats to a specific department that is monitoring any chat widget(s). Select "View All" to include chats from any department.
  5. Owner: use this field to filter chats to the owner/answerer. Select "View All" to include chats owned by any user.
  6. Tag: use this field to filter chats based on their assigned tags.
  7. Rating: use this field to filter chats based on the rating that the patron gave to the chat, if they gave one, after the chat was complete. Select "View All" to include all ratings.
  8. Widget: use this field to filter chats to a specific widget that is receiving chats. Select "View All" to include chats from any widget.
  9. Asked from and To:  use these date fields to filter chats by their submission dates, using the Asked from field to specify a start date and the To field to specify an end date. (The maximum date range you can search at once is 1 year.)
  10. Answered by Co-Op: if your library belongs to a co-op, use this field to filter chats that were answered by the co-op.
  11. Answered by Group Member: use this field to filter chats by a specific Group Member Library. Select "Any" to include chats from all member libraries.
    • Note: this filter is disabled for Regular users -- they can only view transcripts for the Group Member Library they are assigned to
  12. Widget's Group Member Library Affiliation: use this to filter chat's based on the group affiliation of the widget where the chat was started.
    • This can be helpful when you want to see all chats originating from a specific group member's widget, even if the chat was ultimately answered by a different group or co-op.
  13. Screensharing: if your LibAnswers site has added the Screensharing & Webinars module, you can use this filter to select chats based upon whether or not a screensharing session was requested.
  14. To apply your filters, click the Filter button.
  15. To reset all fields to default, click the Clear Filter link.

Viewing the Ratings Summary

After filtering, you will be able to view the report for the chat ratings that have been submitted by patrons. On the Ratings Summary report/tab, you can view a summary of the ratings provided by your patrons after each chat, as well as an overall average rating.

Viewing a chat ratings report

Viewing the Optional Comments Summary

On the Browse Optional Comments report/tab, you can browse any comments by your patrons after each chat. To view the full transcript of a particular chat, click on the View Transcript () icon in the Transcript column.

Note: only chats that are rated or have comments are listed.

Viewing chat comments