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LibChat: Scrubbing internal chat message history

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When chatting with other chat operators (within a department, one-on-one with another operator, or the All Staff chat), LibChat keeps the entire history of these internal chats, allowing you to view past activity. If you would like to set a limit on the amount of time that the internal chat history is stored, you can choose to Scrub Internal Chat Messages. The scrub will cause all internal chat messages (site, department, and operator-to-operator) to be deleted after they are more than X days old. This does not impact chats you have with patrons. 

Note: This is irreversible. Once you set a value above 0, all internal chat messages older than that value will be deleted within 24 hours.

To enable internal chat scrubbing, navigate to Admin > LibChat Set-up and click on the Settings tab.

Screenshot showing how to navigate to the LibChat Settings page

Scrubbing internal chat history

In the Scrub Internal Chat Messages box, you can set the number of days that the internal chat messages will be retained with the Delete internal messages after X Days option.

  • When set to any value above 0, all internal chat messages will be scrubbed from your system after that number of days. For example, if the value is set to 30, then all internal chat messages will be stored on a rolling 30-day window.
  • When set to 0, internal messages will be retained indefinitely.

Screenshot of the scrub internal chat messages option

Want to scrub patron information? If you'd like to remove personally-identifiable patron information from LibAnswers (including LibChat), you can anonymize and edit chat transcripts, and we can enable privacy scrubbing for your system. For more information, please see our FAQ on scrubbing patron data.