Enabling the multi chat overlay view

Under the Settings tab, you can enable/disable the multi chat overlay view to allow you to view your chats (with patrons and internally) in a "popped out' view. In addition, this is also where you will be able to choose which departments and queues you want to monitor, and where you can turn LibChat notifications on and off.

Settings tab

Enabling the multi chat overlay view from the chat dashboard

The Notifications options allow you to enable/disable the View chats in Multi Chat Overlay setting for your chat dashboard. When enabled, the Multi Chat View option displays all incoming and internal chats “popped out” in the chat operator screen, so you can move windows, resize, and keep an eye on multiple conversations at once.

Note: the Notifications options also includes settings for you to enable/disable sound and desktop notifications.

enabling the multi chat overlay view

Setting the multi chat overlay as the default view

To make the multi chat overlay your default view every time you log in to LibChat, you can customize it in your personal default LibChat Settings.

To access your account settings, click on your email address in the orange command bar. If you are a Regular user, you can also go to Admin > Account. Or, if you are an Admin user, you can go to Admin > Accounts and edit your account from that page.

In the LibChat Settings section, toggle the View Chats field to Multi Chat Overlay.

setting the multi chat overlay view as the default for your account

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