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LibChat: Create a ticket during (or after) a chat to follow-up with a patron later

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If you would like to follow up with the patron during a chat or after the chat ends, you can create a ticket from the chat. Please note that tickets created while a chat is still ongoing will only include the chat's transcript up to the point of the ticket's creation -- messages sent by the patron or operator after the ticket is created will not be included.

  1. Click on the ticket () button at the top of the chat pane.

The ticket button

  1. Select the Queue to which the ticket should be added.
  2. From the Optionally assign to a specific user dropdown, you can choose to assign the new ticket to a specific user in that queue, or leave it unassigned for anyone to claim.
  3. If the patron didn't provide their name, you can enter it in the Patron Name
  4. If the patron didn't provide any contact info and you didn't request it during the chat, you can enter it in the Patron Email field.
    • You do not have to input an email address when creating the ticket for the chat initially. However, the ticket will need to have one set for you to actually send a follow-up reply to the patron, but that can be done later by the user answering the ticket.
  5. If you would like to also record an internal note, you can enter it in the Add Internal Note to Ticket text box.
  6. Click the Create Ticket button.

The Create Ticket from Transcript window