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How to ban a patron during a chat

When you ban a patron from using LibChat, you will prevent that patron's current IP address from using your chat widgets. Although admins can add and remove bans from your LibChat settings, operators can also ban users during a chat. 

  1. Click on the ban () button at the top of the chat pane.

The Ban button

  1. In the Ban Patron by IP Address window, you can enter an optional note in the Reason field for why you're banning this IP address.
    • Please keep in mind that you are banning the patron's current IP address.
    • If the patron is currently using a public computer (from a computer lab, for example), then a ban would prevent anyone from chatting from that computer.
  2. To continue, click the Save button.
    • Please note that, although this will prevent the IP address from starting chats in the future, it will not automatically end the current chat. To stop chatting with the patron, you will still need to end the chat manually.
    • Once banned, users will see an error to that effect the next time they attempt to start a chat from the banned IP address.
    • Only admins can edit or remove a banned IP address.

The Ban Patron by IP Address window

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