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LibChat: Transfer a chat to another user, department, or co-op

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If other staff members are signed into LibChat, you can transfer a chat you claimed to another user. You can also transfer a chat to another department, allowing anyone monitoring that department to claim the chat. Additionally, if your site belongs to a LibChat co-op, and that co-op is being monitored, you can transfer chats to it.

To transfer a chat:

  1. Click on the users () button at the top of the chat pane.

The chat transfer button

  1. From the Transfer Chat window, click on the department, local operator, or co-op to whom you want to transfer the chat.
    • For other operators, you can click on the Open internal chat with operator  () icon next to their name to quickly chat with them to make sure that they can take the transfer.
    • The operator, department, or co-op will be notified of the transfer.
    • The chat window will indicate once the transfer has been accepted.
    • At that point, you can remain in the chat if you'd like to have a group chat with the patron. Or, you can leave the chat (this will not end the chat, since you are no longer the owner).

The Transfer Chat window