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LibChat: Why was I disconnected?

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The Status Messages and Alerts panel is where you'll find important status messages from LibChat. For example, if you lose your connection to LibChat due to a bad internet connection, an alert message would appear. 

  1. To dismiss an alert, click on its Close () icon.

Status Messages and Alerts

When the operator is disconnected

If you get disconnected from LibChat while you're logged in, the Chat Activity panel will display a red alert message. Depending upon the nature of the disconnection, an error message may display. In every case, the alert will let you know at what time you were disconnected. 

Some common reasons for being disconnected include:

  • You have LibChat open in an inactive browser tab -- this is usually the problem!
    • Browsers often "suspend" or "freeze" inactive tabs to conserve resources.
    • If you have LibChat open in an inactive tab and the tab is suspended, this may result in a disconnection.
    • To avoid this, keep the LibChat dashboard in an active, open tab. We recommend that you open or drag LibChat into its own window (alone, with no other tabs) then work on other tasks in a separate browser window (with all the tabs you need).
  • An unsupported or out-of-date browser is being used.
    • Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge are all supported by LibAnswers/LibChat.
    • Internet Explorer is not supported.
    • Cookies must be enabled.
    • Be sure your browser is up to date.
  • Losing your internet connection.
    • If you're on a wired connection, make sure your ethernet cable isn't loose or damaged.
    • If you're on a wireless connection, check your network settings or switch to a wired connection instead.
    • It's also possible your network is down. Check with your IT staff to see if there are widespread issues.
  • Your firewall or network security software is blocking access to LibChat.
    • Check with your IT staff to make sure that firewall port 443 is open.
    • Request that your IT staff add libanswers.com to the trusted list to allow websockets and third-party cookies. If subdomains are not captured when you add a top-level domain, also add the subdomain for your region (if you're not sure, go ahead and add it):
      • Australia & Asia/Pacific: chat-au.libanswers.com
      • Europe: chat-eu.libanswers.com
      • Canada: chat-ca.libanswers.com
      • U.S. and all others: chat-us.libanswers.com
  • Browser caching or extensions may be interfering.
    • Try clearing your browser cache and see if that helps.
    • Disable any browser extensions you have installed.
    • Try using another browser and see if that helps.
  • ​Using Microsoft Edge v88 or newer? Check your Sleeping Tabs settings.
    • Starting in v88, Microsoft Edge offers a feature called Sleeping Tabs which can put tabs to sleep after a defined period of time (2 hours by default).
    • Microsoft provides various options for customizing this, which can be found in your Microsoft Edge settings under "System". These include:
      • Increasing the amount of time before tabs can fall asleep.
      • Adding domains to the "Never put these sites to sleep" list. Try adding [*.]libanswers.com to this list.
      • Turning the Sleeping Tabs feature off entirely.
    • Inactive tabs that are asleep will appear faded, so you'll be able to see if the LibChat dashboard has been affected.

Whenever you get disconnected, the chat widget will automatically notify the patron and prompt them to submit a ticket. Once your connection is restored, a green alert message will display in your dashboard indicating at what time you were reconnected.

When the patron is disconnected

A chat can also end if the patron gets disconnected. For example, the patron's WiFi connection may have dropped, or they navigated away from the chat widget. In cases like this, LibChat will first attempt to reconnect the patron. If unable to reconnect, the chat session will end. The patron's widget will then notify them that they were unable to reconnect and ask them if they would like to submit a ticket for follow up, instead.

Example of a chat widget after a patron was unable to reconnect

Managing a disconnected patron

  1. The chat status indicator will turn to an orange, bullseye () icon to indicate that the user is attempting to reconnect.

Orange chat status indicator

  1. If the user is unable to reconnect after a short time, the chat will be disconnected and the patron will be prompted to submit a ticket for follow-up. 
    1. To add this chat to a Reference Analytics dataset, click the Add to Reference Analytics link.
    2. To send a follow-up to the patron, click the Create a Ticket from this Chat link.
    3. To log an internal note with this chat transcript, enter it in the text box and click the Save button.
    4. You can continue sending messages to the chat, which will be recorded in the final transcript. Although the patron will not see them live, you can email them a copy of the transcript later.
  2. To close this chat and remove it from the dashboard, click the Close Chat button.

Closing a chat ended by a disconnected patron