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Enabling HTTPS for systems with Springshare domain names

Getting there

To manage the domain names of your LibApps sites, go to Admin > Domains and Certificates.

Navigating to the Domains and Certificates page

If your site ends with one of Springshare's domain names, then you are already able to load your pages over HTTPS. These domain names include:

    • To enable HTTPS for widgets/APIs, log into LibAnswers and go to Admin > System Settings > Access Rules & Privacy > API/Widgets.
  • (the admin side of LibGuides, as well as LibApps, loads over HTTPS by default)
    • domain names are not covered by our certificate.
    • If your site ends in, please contact Springy Support to change it to a domain name.
    • ‚ÄčLibInsight automatically loads over HTTPS by default.
  • or
    • LibWizard can be configured to load over HTTPS by default. Just log into LibWizard and go to Admin > System Settings > Misc Settings.

Because your domain name will be covered by our own security certificates, there's nothing you need to do to make this work. :) To load your site over HTTPS:

  • Either visit your site using an https:// URL instead of http://
  • Or, you can force your site to always load over HTTPS (recommended)
If your domain name ends with anything other than those listed above, then it is a custom domain name. Please see our directions for setting up HTTPS for custom domain names.

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