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Customizing your Springshare domain name

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If you are not using a custom domain name, then your site will use a domain name provided by Springshare. These are domain names ending in the following:

  • libanswers.com
  • libapps.com
  • libcal.com
  • libcrm.com
  • libguides.com
  • libinsight.com
  • libstaffer.com
  • libsurveys.com
  • libwizard.com

The first portion of your domain name (known as the subdomain) is unique to your institution. So, for example, Anytown Library's LibGuides site might have a domain name of: anytown.libguides.com

These domain names are all managed by Springshare, so you don't have to worry about setting up or managing your own DNS records. What's more, they will all support HTTPS traffic out of the box. However, because these are managed by Springshare, this means you cannot change the subdomain portion of your domain name yourself.

Instead, if for any reason you need to change the subdomain of one (or all) of your Springy sites, please contact the Support team and let us know. We'll make the necessary changes and ensure that your old Springshare domain name redirects to your new domain name.