Replying to a Facebook ticket and updating its status

If you've connected a Facebook page in your queue's Social Media settings, messages sent to your Facebook account will appear in your queue. These will appear as tickets asked via Facebook Messenger, allowing you to send replies directly from within LibAnswers.

Along with being able to reply to Facebook tickets when monitoring LibChat, all incoming Facebook tickets can be replied to from their ticket page. After claiming the ticket, you'll see the following options under the Create a Reply tab:

  1. Add the text of the reply in the Facebook MessageText field.
  2. ​Use the Apply a Macro to this Ticket option to apply a macro to the ticket.
  3. If desired, you have the option to send an image instead of a text reply. Click on or drag-and-drop the file into the gray file upload area to add it. The maximum file size is 10.0 MB.
    • IMPORTANT: you cannot send a text message and image at the same time. Instead, send one message with an image and a separate one with your text.
  4. Add to Analytics: If you use Ref. Analytics to track your tickets alongside your in-person reference transactions, you also have the option of adding the question to one of your datasets.
  5. Submit the reply and change the ticket's status:
    • Click on the Submit as Closed button to send it to the patron. It's at this point that the ticket would be added to your Ref Analytics dataset, if you selected that option.
    • This will also update the status of this ticket to Closed, which effectively means no further action is required for this ticket. However, if you click on the arrow portion of this button, you can select a different status. Here's a summary of each:
      • Closed: this indicates that no further interaction is expected for this ticket.
      • Open: this indicates that your follow-up may be required for this ticket. If a patron replies to you, the ticket will automatically be updated to this status.
      • Pending: this indicates that you are expecting a follow-up from the patron. Compared to the Closed status, this can help you keep an eye on the ticket, as it will be listed along with your other open tickets.
      • New: this indicates that the patron has submitted their question and is awaiting a reply. This is the status automatically assigned to incoming tickets.

Overview of replying to a Facebook ticket

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