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LibChat: Annotate your shared screen using Zoom

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During a LibChat screensharing session, both parties can choose to annotate the screen live and save a screenshot, using built in annotation tools. This helps draw a user's attention and highlight particular areas to focus on, plus you can save a screenshot to help remember what you discussed!

  1. Once you've started a screensharing session, select Annotate from the sharing menu to begin annotating on your shared screen.

The Annotate button

  1. This will open the annotation toolbar. Click on a tool to select it.
    • Mouse: Use this to switch back to your regular mouse cursor.
    • Select: Use this to drag and drop objects you've added (e.g. text) around the screen.
    • Text: Add text to clarify specific portions of the screen.
    • Draw: Use freehand drawing to literally draw attention to a particular spot on screen.
    • Spotlight/Arrow: Turn your cursor into a spotlight or arrow to help capture the user's attention, so they look where you're pointing.
    • Eraser: Erase some or all of your prior annotations. 
    • Format: Use this to select the formatting of the other tools (e.g. the color of text and lines).
    • Color: Add a highlight splash of color to denote a particular portion of the screen.
    • Undo/Redo: Step backward and forward in time to undo/redo previous changes.
    • Clear: Removes all previous annotations with one click
    • Save: This downloads a screenshot that includes your annotations. These will be saved to your computer's local recording location.

The annotation toolbar

  1. For tools like Text, click on the screen where you want to apply it. For tools like Draw and Eraser, click and drag on the screen -- just like if you were drawing or writing. You can see this in action in the video below (note: the video does not have audio).

  1. When finished marking up the screen, you have a few options:
    • If you would like to save your annotations, click on the Save button. This will capture the current screen and all annotations as a screenshot saved to your local device. Once saved, you can share the screenshot with your patrons via the chat box.
    • To clear all annotations from the screen, click on the Clear button.
    • To leave the annotations on screen but continue with the session, click on the Mouse button to return to your normal cursor.