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Tickets: Close a ticket without sending a reply

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Ensuring that the tickets in your queues are assigned the correct status is an important aspect of managing the workflow of your system. And an important sub-task of this is making sure the tickets that need no further action are closed. If an open ticket (tickets with a New, Pending, or Open status) in your system needs no further action (perhaps the patron replied with a simple 'thank you'), you can close the ticket without sending a reply. Tickets can be closed without sending a reply to the patron in one of three ways:

  • From the Delete or Close this Ticket () icon for a ticket on the Dashboard.
  • By changing the status of the ticket when viewing it.
  • Via the Change Status bulk update option for tickets from the Dashboard or the Knowledge Base Explorer.

Close a ticket from the dashboard

From the dashboard, you can interact with a ticket in a variety of ways -- claiming it, previewing it (without claiming), deleting or closing it, flagging it as spam, or selecting it for bulk updating. To close a ticket:

  1. Click on the Delete or Close this Ticket () icon.
closing a ticket from the dashboard from the delete or close ticket button
  1. Click the Close Ticket button on the modal.
confirming the ticket close from the delete or close ticket modal

Close a ticket when viewing it

When viewing an individual ticket, it is possible to change its status without sending a reply to the patron or adding an internal note. As long as you have not input any text in the rich text editor on the Create a Reply or Post an Internal Note tabs for the ticket when you change the ticket's status to Closed, no reply/note will be added to the ticket. This allows you to review the entire thread of the ticket to make sure no further action is needed prior to closing it out.

closing a ticket while viewing it

Close a ticket via bulk updates

From the dashboard or Knowledge Base Explorer (Answers > Tickets), admin account holders (and regular accounts with queue-level admin permissions) can make bulk updates to tickets to apply macros, close or delete tickets, add/remove tags, or mark them as spam. To close tickets in bulk:

  1. To select multiple tickets, click on the checkbox in the Id column for each ticket.
  2. Or, select all tickets on the page by clicking the Toggle All on Page checkbox.
  3. Choose Change Status from the Action dropdown.
  4. Select Closed from the Status dropdown.
  5. Click the Apply button to complete the bulk action.
closing a ticket via bulk updates