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FAQs: Add a list of featured, popular, or recent FAQs to a LibAnswers homepage

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Whether you are creating a new FAQ group, or you are working on customizing an existing group, you have the ability to customize the layout and content of the group's homepage, including the configuration of FAQ lists. These FAQ lists come in three varieties: 

  • Featured: a list of FAQs hand-selected by you to be featured on the homepage.
  • Popular: lists the FAQs that have been viewed the most by your users.
  • Recent: lists the most recently updated FAQs.

example gif of the three list types

When your FAQ group is using the default, simple customization options the homepage will include the popular and recent lists automatically -- with the option for you to select your own FAQs to be added in a featured list on the homepage.

Conversely, when your FAQ group is using the advanced customization options the homepage will not have any content added to it initially, but you can configure the display and ordering of all three list types via the home page editing tools.

Adding a featured list to the homepage using the default customization options

The group homepage contains a tabbed box, with one tab showing your popular FAQs (based on total views) and the other showing your recently updated FAQs. And, you can add an optional third tab to display handpicked "featured" FAQs.

To set the featured FAQs:

  1. Go to Admin > FAQ Groups.
  2. For the group you want to customize, click on its edit () icon in the Actions column.

editing an FAQ group

  1. On the Manage FAQ Groups page, click on the Pages tab.
  2. Scroll down to the Group Home Page box. 
  3. In the Featured FAQ list field, add the IDs for the FAQs that you want to feature (separated by commas, with no spaces).
    • To find an FAQ's ID, go to Answers > FAQ Entries.
    • If no IDs are entered, then this tab will not display on the homepage.
  4. Click Save.
    1. If you want to preview the look of your homepage to see how the added FAQs look in the list, click the View Page () icon.

steps to add faqs to the featured list using the default customization options

Adding FAQ lists to the homepage using the advanced customization options

When the FAQ group you are working in is using the advanced customization options, you have more control over the lists that you can add to the homepage -- that also requires more work on your part in setting them up -- in that you can choose to display any or all of the list options, how many FAQs to display in the list, and whether or not the question's details fields should display.

If you're interested in learning everything there is to know about working with the advanced customization options, see the Customize an FAQ group's public pages using the advanced customization options FAQ.

To add an FAQ list to a box on your homepage:

  1. Click on the  Add Box link at the bottom of the column where you want to place the box.
  2. In the Add Box window, under the Create Box tab, use the Box Type dropdown to select the type of box you want to create.
    • Standard: this type of box displays the content directly on the page.
    • Tabbed: this allows you to create a box with multiple tabs, with each tab displaying different content. When you choose this option, you will be prompted to enter a name for each tab you want to create. 
      • This option would also allow you to create separate tabs for each list type (if you want to display more than one list) in the same way that the default customization option does.
    • Alert: this allows you to create a colored box that is useful for highlighting important announcements. When you choose this option, you will be prompted to select which background color you want the alert to have.
  3. Give your box a name using the Box Title field.
  4. If creating a Standard or Tabbed box, you can choose to enable the Display box without header or borders checkbox.
  5. Click the Save button to add the box to your page.
    • To edit a box's title and display options later on, click on the Edit () icon in the box's header.
    • Or to delete a box from your page, click on the Delete () icon in the box's header.

The Add Box window

  1. Click on the Add Item button in the box.
  2. Select FAQ List from the list of content types. type of content you want to add:

adding an faq list from the Add Item list

  1. On the Customize FAQ List modal set the customization options for the list. Those include:
    1. Group: select the group that the FAQs should come from.
    2. Type: select the list type to be displayed. Choosing from: Recent FAQ entries (by last updated date), Popular FAQ entries (by total views), FAQ entries by topic, FAQ entries by keyword, or Custom FAQ entries list (allowing you to display specific FAQs by their ID numbers).
      • For the FAQ entries by topic, FAQ entries by keyword, and Custom FAQ entries list types, you will be presented with additional options for customizing the list.
    3. # Items to Show: allows you to set how many FAQs to be shown in the list.
    4. Show Question's Details Field: allows you to show only the title of the FAQ or also include the FAQ's details field.
  2. Click Save.
  3. Repeat the process again for other lists that you want to add to the box(es) starting at Step 6.

customizing the FAQ list options