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How to log into a co-op and navigate the dashboard

Your co-op dashboard provides you with a summary of co-op activity and info, and is the jumping off point to view stats, transcripts, your co-op user account info, and more.

If you're an Institution Admin or Co-op Admin user, this is also where you can add and manage users accounts in the co-op.

Remember: you don't need to log into a co-op to monitor its chats. You can monitor chats from your co-op right alongside your local chats in your home library's LibChat dashboard.

Logging into a co-op

  1. Log into your local LibAnswers site and click on LibChat in the navigation bar.
  2. From the dropdown, select the Login link for the co-op you want to add users to.

The co-op login link under the LibChat menu

Navigating the Dashboard

My Activity tab

When you first log into a co-op, you'll arrive at the Dashboard page, showing the My Activity tab.

  1. Showing results from: if you belong to more than one co-op, the My Activity tab will show data from all of your co-ops. To view data only for a single co-op, click on it's "Switch to" link above the Your Latest Coverage table, or under the Activity Summary section.
  2. Your Latest Coverage: this table lists your most recent chat sessions within the co-op. For each session, you'll see date/time you logged in and out, the total amount of time (in minutes and hours), chats answered, and the co-op monitored.
  3. Activity Summary: here you'll find the aggregate total of hours covered and chats answered for the last week, current month, and past 12 months.
  4. View All Recent Activity: this link will take you to your personal Co-Op Activity report, where you can view a more detailed summary of your activity within the co-op.

Content under the My Activity tab

Co-Op Admins tab

To view the contact info for your co-op's admin users, click on the Co-Op Admins tab. The table on this page will list the name and email address of each admin user.

Content under the Co-Op Admins tab

Member Institutions tab

To view a list of all libraries that belong to your co-op, click on the Member Institutions tab. The table on this page will list the name, domain, and region for each institution.

Content under the Member Institutions tab

Co-Op Librarians tab

To view the contact info for all users in your co-op, click on the Co-Op Librarians tab. The table on this page will list the name and email address of each user.

Content under the Co-Op Librarians tab

Co-Op Chat Operators count

To see how many other users from your co-op are currently online and monitoring the co-op's chats, look no further than the Co-Op Chat Operators count in the upper right corner of the dashboard.

The Co-Op Chat Operators count on the Dashboard page

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