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24/7 Co-Op: Log into a co-op and navigate the dashboard

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Your co-op dashboard provides you with a summary of co-op activity and info, and is the jumping-off point to view stats, transcripts, your co-op user account info, and more.

If you're an Institution Admin or Co-op Admin user, this is also where you can add and manage user accounts in the co-op.

Remember: you don't need to log into a co-op to monitor its chats. You can monitor chats from your co-op right alongside your local chats in your home library's LibChat dashboard.

Log in to a co-op

  1. Log into your local LibAnswers site and click on LibChat in the navigation bar.
  2. From the dropdown, select the Login link for the co-op you want to add users to.

The co-op login link under the LibChat menu

My Activity tab

When you first log into a co-op, you'll arrive at the Dashboard page, showing the My Activity tab.

  1. Showing results from: if you belong to more than one co-op, the My Activity tab will show data from all of your co-ops. To view data only for a single co-op, click on its "Switch to" link above the Your Latest Coverage table, or under the Activity Summary section.
  2. Your Latest Coverage: this table lists your most recent chat sessions within the co-op. For each session, you'll see date/time you logged in and out, the total amount of time (in minutes and hours), chats answered, and the co-op monitored.
  3. Activity Summary: here you'll find the aggregate total of hours covered and chats answered for the last week, current month, and past 12 months.
  4. View All Recent Activity: this link will take you to your personal Co-Op Activity report, where you can view a more detailed summary of your activity within the co-op.

Content under the My Activity tab

Co-Op Admins tab

To view the contact info for your co-op's admin users, click on the Co-Op Admins tab. The table on this page will list the name and email address of each admin user.

Content under the Co-Op Admins tab

Member Institutions tab

To view a list of all libraries that belong to your co-op, click on the Member Institutions tab. The table on this page will list the name, domain, and region for each institution.

Content under the Member Institutions tab

Co-Op Librarians tab

To view the contact info for all users in your co-op, click on the Co-Op Librarians tab. The table on this page will list the name and email address of each user.

Content under the Co-Op Librarians tab

Announcements tab

Occasionally, you may see the Announcements tab appear on the co-op dashboard. This tab is like a bulletin board, in that it allows Co-Op Admins to easily share news and notes with members of the co-op. Admins can share reminders about certain procedures, new features, documentation or training links, or anything else they think is important to share. (If you don't see this tab, then the Co-Op Admins are not currently sharing any announcements.)

The content of the box can be edited by Co-Op Admins from Admin > System Settings > Admin Alert Box tab.

The admin alert box on the LibAnswers dashboard

Co-Op Chat Operators count

To see how many other users from your co-op are currently online and monitoring the co-op's chats, look no further than the Co-Op Chat Operators count in the upper right corner of the dashboard.

The Co-Op Chat Operators count on the Dashboard page

Logout of a co-op

To logout of the co-op, click on the Logout link in the top right corner of the command bar. After you click the link, you'll see a message that you have successfully logged out and you'll be redirected to your LibAnswers homepage.

The co-op logout link from the co-op command bar