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How to view and provide feedback for chats answered by your co-op

Viewing transcripts from co-op chats

When a co-op answers a chat from one of your library's patrons, the chat transcript is still logged under LibChat > Transcripts -- just like chats answered locally by one of your library's staff members. To quickly view all chats answered by a co-op, use the Answered by Co-Op filter under the Transcripts tab:

  • Select Any to view all chat transcripts (local and co-op).
  • Select No to only view transcripts for locally-answered chats.
  • Select a specific co-op to only view transcripts for chats answered by that co-op.

The Answered by Co-Op filter under the Transcripts tab

How to leave feedback for a chat

Each chat answered by your co-op will display a Leave Feedback () icon in the Actions column. If you would like to leave feedback for the co-op librarian who answered the chat:

  1. Click the Leave Feedback icon.

The Leave Feedback icon for a chat transcript

  1. In the Co-Op Operator Feedback window, enter a message in the Provide Feedback For text area.
    1. If feedback has already been provided, it will be listed under the Previous Feedback section.
  2. Select a Rating from the dropdown.
  3. When finished, click the Save Feedback button. Your feedback will be added to your co-op's QA Feedback page, where that librarian and your co-op's admins can review it.

Options in the Co-Op Operator Feedback window

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