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24/7 Co-Op: View transcripts and provide feedback for chats answered by a co-op

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View transcripts from co-op chats

When a co-op answers a chat from one of your library's patrons, the chat transcript is still logged under LibChat > Transcripts -- just like chats answered locally by one of your library's staff members. To quickly view all chats answered by a co-op, use the Answered by Co-Op filter under the Transcripts tab:

  • Select Any to view all chat transcripts (local and co-op).
  • Select No to only view transcripts for locally-answered chats.
  • Select a specific co-op to only view transcripts for chats answered by that co-op.

The maximum date range you can search at once (i.e. using the Asked From...To filter) is 1 year.

The Answered by Co-Op filter under the Transcripts tab
You can access the Transcripts page under the LibChat menu. Use the Answered by Co-Op filter to view transcripts answered by a specific co-op.

Leave feedback for a chat

Each chat answered by a co-op will display a Leave Feedback () icon in the Actions column. If you would like to leave feedback for the co-op librarian who answered the chat, you can click this icon to provide a rating and comment. The feedback that you leave for the co-op librarian will be emailed to that librarian and will be listed in the feedback for the transcript.

Co-op librarians can also respond to the feedback left for them -- creating/replying to individual comment threads. These feedback threads are two-way -- meaning they occur between a co-op operator and a co-op admin or operator and a librarian from the originating institution.

To leave (and reply to) feedback:

  1. Click the Leave Feedback icon.
The Leave Feedback icon for a chat transcript
Click on the feedback icon () to leave a rating and comments for the chat's owner.
  1. In the Co-Op Operator Feedback window, enter a message in the Provide Feedback For text area.
    1. If you have already provided feedback, you can click the Reply button on that thread to reply to the existing thread instead of starting a new one.
    2. If feedback from another user (like from a co-op admin) has also been provided, it will be listed under the Previous Feedback section but will not include an option to reply.
  2. Select a Rating from the dropdown.
  3. When finished, click the Save Feedback button.
    • Your feedback will be added to your co-op's QA Feedback page where that librarian and the co-op's admins can review it. It will also be emailed directly to the co-op librarian that answered the chat.
Options in the Co-Op Operator Feedback window
In the Co-Op Operator Feedback modal window, you can view previous feedback and add a new rating & comments.