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Viewing feedback for chats answered in a co-op

When you answer a chat from another library in your co-op, staff at that library can view the transcript and provide you with feedback. This can be helpful for assessing the quality of co-op chats, while also helping co-op staff to learn and improve. For example, a local librarian could use the feedback feature to explain a local policy or collection that could have helped answer the patron's question. This knowledge can then help co-op staff utilize those resources better in the future.

Logging into a co-op

  1. Log into your local LibAnswers site and click on LibChat in the navigation bar.
  2. From the dropdown, select the Login link for the co-op you want to add users to.

The co-op login link under the LibChat menu

  1. Once you're logged into the co-op, click on QA Feedback in the navigation bar.

Filters and data table on the Feedback page

  1. On the Feedback page, use the filters to narrow or expand the feedback responses.
    1. Operator: if you are a Regular user, you will only be able to view feedback for the chats you answered. If you are an Institution Admin or Co-Op Admin, select the "Me" option to view feedback for the chats you personally answered, or select "Everyone" to view chats for all users in your co-ops.
    2. Institution: use this to include or exclude chats from specific co-ops.
    3. Given from & to: use these fields to display feedback provided during a specific date range.
    4. Click on the Filter button to apply your changes.
    5. Click on the Clear link to reset the filters to their default settings.
  2. Below the filters, you'll find a data table listing all of the feedback matching your filter criteria.
    1. Search: enter text in this field to further narrow the list to matching records.
    2. Date: this column displays the date and time stamp of when the feedback was submitted (this is not the date & time the chat was answered).
    3. Institution: this column displays the institution providing the feedback.
    4. Chat Thread: click the link in this column to view the corresponding chat transcript and details. The transcript will open in a modal window over the page.
    5. Admin Name: this is the name of the person who left the feedback from that institution.
    6. Comments: if the person left a comment, it will display here.
    7. Rating: if the person selected a numeric rating for the chat (with 1 being bad and 4 being excellent), it will display here.
    8. Navigation: if there are multiple pages of matching records, use the navigation controls to browse between pages.

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